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GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD!! My God is an awesome God He reigns from heaven on earth with wisdom, power, and love my God is an awesome God!!!! Hey my peeps I pray all is well with ya’ll. I’m here to tell ya’ll how GOD HAS SHOWN UP AND SHOWN OUT IN MY LIFE THIS WEEK!

12 years ago this coming September my child’s father sued me for custody because I didn’t take him back after he cheated on me with his current wife while we were together. He surprised me by having me served custody papers without discussing anything with me prior to the filing, once I read the complaint I almost passed out from shock but once the initial shock wore off  I began looking for attorneys to represent me for my hearing and once it all got started my ex and his new wife LIED THEIR WAY through the entire hearing, the judge believed their lies and took custody from me. It was September 8, 2008 THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE, I could not believe the courts believed their lies, my entire case was decided and based on behaviors from my past, not my current behaviors and I was punished for BEING HONEST about my past mistakes. The only thing I’ve done in my life was smoke marijuana but at the time of court I was clean and had been for years but that didn’t matter to the courts, they TOOK MY CHILD FROM ME!!!

It was the worst time of my life the first couple weeks after she was taken, I was depressed for the first time in my life, I was sooo angry with God, blaming Him for my pain, it took a MINUTE FOR ME TO BE SQUARE WITH GOD AGAIN, I WAS MAD AT HIM! I soon learned it was a waste of time and energy to be mad at God, His plans for our lives when you’re a Christian doesn’t change because you’re mad, He uses TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS TO BUILD OUR FAITH IN HIM AND THE STRENGTH TO ENDURE SUCH HARDSHIPS, James 1:2-3.  It took a couple months before I began getting on with my life, my house felt so empty without my daughter, I would just stand in her room looking around with tears flowing down my face wishing she was there with me and mad at her dad for being a selfish jerk.

I began praying for God to bring her back home to me, I went to church, I helped others through volunteering year after year, I read my bible, prayed, worked hard trying to get my mind off the fact my child is NOT LIVING WITH ME and how she’s being abused mentally, and physically by her dad and step mother. The courts refuse to listen to my concerns, I felt completely HELPLESS but I knew one day the Lord will answer my prayer by bringing my child home to me, and they day FINALLY CAME MONDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2020 when I received the call that changed my life FOREVER!!

In previous posts I mentioned how God has always blessed me in 2’s, whether it’s 2 minutes, 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years, any even number x 2 the number 2 day of week and year, etc., He’s always blessed me in 2’s so 2 weeks prior to the 3rd of February my child and I talked to him about her wish to live with me, he blew us off so we ended the conversation knowing we would begin to make a plan to get her back LEGALLY under my roof so we prayed for the Lord to soften his heart and allow her to come home where she’s loved with the Agape love He has for all of us including YOU MY FOLLOWERS, FRIENDS, AND FAMILIES. We went on with our lives until the weekend of Jan 31st once my husband picked her up at the pickup spot designated by the courts, she began telling him how her dad and his wife had been violating her privacy for years by going through her clothes, backpack, phone, clothing, dresser drawers, closets, etc., for years I’ve known about the mistreatment from the beginning but whenever I called DCS they ALWAYS BELIEVED THEM so I just prayed for the Lord to provide the miracle I needed to get her home with me. On this day when they checked her phone she was texting her friends on how much she HATES living with her dad so they yelled and berated her until the time she was dropped off to my husband, by this time my child is HEATED, SHE WANTS TO HURT SOMEONE IN ORDER TO BE PUT OUT OF HER DAD’S HOUSE, my husband and I calmed her down she and I went to her room to devise a plan to get her back for the entire weekend to take place during her spring break.

Sunday the 2nd I dropped her off to her dad she DID NOT want to go, she was so depressed and I was hurting for her yet MAD AT THE SAME TIME for her pain and her dad but I sucked it up, kissed my child and went on my way, once on the road the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying “GO TO THE CHURCH CHAPEL AND PRAY”, I thought, WHY? I just signed up for our church’s 24 hour prayer chain that we do monthly where we pick a time slot to pray for an hour either at home or in the chapel for whomever we knew needed it so I signed up to pray at home at 10p. The Holy Spirit spoke to me again saying “GO TO THE CHAPEL AND PRAY” once again but this time it was a little more STERN, (Notice 2 warnings), so I agreed to go pray at the chapel because I believe on being LEAD BY THE SPIRIT when it comes to prayer and ministering to people, I’ve learned over the years not to ignore His voice when He speaks to me because whenever I have in the pasts, I ALWAYS REGRETTED NOT LISTENING so I HEADED TO THE CHAPEL JUST TO PRAY TO MY GOD lying face down on the floor as I opened my mouth to pray.

When you pray, you MUST begin by acknowledging God and His deity with praise and worship, then you repent for all sins of commission and omission asking Him to help you to change your ways, then you QUOTE HIS SCRIPTURE BACK TO HIM WITH BOLDNESS, particularly the ones that pertain to your current situation, then you THANK HIM AHEAD OF TIME for answering your prayer and closing with “In Jesus ‘name, Amen I prayed for 20 minutes before going home to my husband. I went to work the next day going on about my business when I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize so I didn’t answer it, the phone rang again but I didn’t answer it not thinking it might be important so once I checked my voicemail there was a message from my child stating her dad’s wife PUT HER OUT THE HOUSE because she was texting her friends telling them how much she hates living with her dad and the step parent got mad dragging her by her arm and throwing her out the house with NO SHOES and in her pajamas and locking both doors behind her.

Thank God the weather was perfect that day (God knew what was about to happen) He always provide a way of escape for His children when they’re going through trials and tribulations so my child ran to a neighbor’s house who in turn let her use the phone to call me. I left work early heading to the city where my child was staying calling the police and DCS on the way to cover my bases because I was planning to bring her back home with me no matter the risk but I didn’t want the police to accuse me of kidnapping because her dad is her primary residential parent. The police met me at the neighbor’s house, we talked to my child about the incident by this time her dad calls to ATTEMPT TO BLAME OUR DAUGHTER instead of his wife and how he wanted her back home with him. I was NOT HAPPY but my hands were tied so I prepared to take her back to him (But in protest).

2 minutes later her dad called telling me to take her home with me and we’ll work out the details the next day, I DIDN’T BELIEVE HIM AT FIRST BECAUSE HE LIES SO MUCH AND IS SOOOO SNEAKY, so I placed my cell on speaker so the police officer and my husband could hear him and once things were said and heard we put my child in the car and 2 hours after the initial call MY BABY WAS HEADING HOME WITH ME! We didn’t make it to the 2nd freeway on ramp before he’s calling me telling me that he’s relinquishing custody of our daughter to me for good, we will work out all child support, schooling, and other issues down the road but in the meantime for the first time in 12 years MY CHILD IS HOME FOR GOOD! GOD FINALLY ANSWERED MY PRAYERS AFTER 12 YEARS, I received the call to come get her 22 HOURS after I prayed in the chapel, 2 HOURS later she was in the car headed home, the day everything went down was on the 2nd day of the week, of the 2nd month of the year 2020 and exactly a month to the day of my 52nd birthday, HE ALWAYS BLESS ME IN 2’s, it’s my Jesus number and I’m thankful and grateful for His love for me these pasts 12 years He says in His word “Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them; for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee nor forsake thee. Deuteronomy 31:6.

God never left me in all those years although at times I felt like He did but I realized that the last 12 years of my life reminds me of the famous picture of a poem I grew up with called FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND” just when I thought I couldn’t take much more of my separation from my child, and felt I had no strength left to keep fighting to stay faithful to God and strong for my child is when He took me by my hand and carried me to my FINISH LINE. Thank you Lord for blessing me in 2’s, and for giving me the opportunity to be the best mom I can be to the child He blessed me with 17 years ago so, NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU’VE BEEN PRAYING WHILE GOING THROUGH TOUGH TIMES JUST KNOW THAT GOD IS ALWAYS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES ON OUR BEHALF TO WORK OUT OUR PROBLEM FOR HIS GLORY AND I FOR ONE AM THE BLESSED TO BE HIS CHILD.

No matter what KEEP YOUR FAITH IN GOD, HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH, IF HE’LL DO IT FOR ME, HE WILL DO IT FOR YOU! I prayed 12 years for the Lord to soften my child’s father’s heart to let her come home and HE DID——-IN 2’s. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord my strength and my redeemer Amen. BE BLESSED ALL DAY EVERYDAY MY PEEPS


  1. Woow..this is such a testimony!12 years is a long time.I could feel your emotions through every word here.I can only imagine the pain and emotional battles that you had to struggle with and endure.I feel encouraged to trust the process.Eventually,He does what’s best for us.I am inspired and uplifted.Am happy you got her back.May you keep your faith and may you trust in God even more!


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