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I remember when I was a teenager, I saw my aunts and uncles going through divorce left and right eventually it reached my home when my parents divorced but before that happened I was babysitting one of my little cousins, I was 16 or 17 years old I was looking at my cousins who’re being raised by my single mother aunt having to live without their father in the home it bothered me so I began praying to God telling Him “I’M NOT DIVORCING SO whomever it is He has for me please clean us both up before bringing us together cuz I’M NOT DIVORCING!!!! I remember it like it was yesterday, divorce was normal in my family but I was determined to break that curse before I was married so I lived my life becoming engaged 3 separate times over the last 30 years choosing or attracting men who weren’t COMMITTMENT MINDED, they only wanted to PLAY HOUSE day after day, year after year as I fell into their trap of lies and deceit making promises they knew they wouldn’t keep.

My child’s father is the worst of them all, I believed EVERYTHING HE TOLD ME he is a good manipulator and con artist who totally had me fooled as to who he really was and it’s obvious I had NO IDEA WHO I WAS OR WHAT I WANTED FOR MY LIFETIME MATE I have the shattered pieces of my heart in a ZIPLOC BAG to prove it, my heart needed a second chance and the only way to do that was to give my life to Jesus in a more meaningful way, working on my issues from the past and praying for healing from old wounds self-inflicted or otherwise, I decided to humble myself by allowing the Lord to navigate my life preparing me for the husband He has for me, I didn’t know as much as I thought I did no wonder my life was such a mess. I made it up in my mind over 3 years ago to serve the Lord by serving others, I was ministering to people who’s hurting, sharing my story with others, praying for those who ask for it and those who didn’t.

I decided that I needed to SIT DOWN IN ORDER TO BE FOUND, the bible says “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtain favor from the Lord. Proverbs 18:22, I had to stay out of the nightclubs, bars, social clubs, ballgames, hook a sista up circles, etc.. before God would send me my mate, I didn’t realize I was blocking my own blessing being out of place in Jesus so once I decided to live for Him, He decided to open up the window of blessings I had no room enough to receive when He sent MY DAVID TO MY DOOR. David has spoken to my heart from DAY ONE, he goes out of his way to make me happy and to take care of me and my daughter, she loves David, he treat her better than her dad does when we went on our road trip home to mama, she sat in the front seat with David while he drove there and back I’m so happy they get along.

My child’s father married a woman who hates my child’s GUTS and always have, he allows her to mistreat my child daily, she’s mean, evil, insecure, and ugly, VERY UGLY, she looks like a DEMON, she’s the female version of Dr. Conrad Murray Michael Jackson’s murderous doctor. She would make a persons skin crawl when they see her that’s how EVIL SHE IS.  She calls my child DUMB, NASTY, STUPID, AND A B***H throughout her whole life and continues to this day. I can’t do anything outside of HURTING HER BADLY my hands are tied PLUS as a Christian I must allow the Lord to avenge me and my daughter, His word says “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord and I will repay. It’s not easy waiting for people like her to get their COMEUPANCE I’ll just pray the Lord will have mercy on both she and my child’s father when He does.

My David is such a blessing to me, he’s a hard working, loyal, gentle, caring, loving, selfish at times, funny, silly, and kind man, he does love me I feel it deep in my heart, I’m looking forward to becoming MRS MY DAVID in the next few days, everything is coming into focus, my wedding planner is the most talented, creative, and caring person we’ve gotten along from the beginning, NO BRIDEZILLA MOMENTS EVER!!! It’s been EASY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL and I recommend her to everyone. It will be a beautiful ceremony, we’re ready, willing, and able to do this, to hang in there for better and for worse, he’s proven to be really supportive to me during my cousin’s death and funeral, he’s a good provider, and he’s willing to live his life according to God’s word realizing that He is the reason we’re together, we MUST KEEP HIM NUMBER ONE IN OUR MARRIAGE He’s OUR foundation and backbone, we can’t make it without God in our lives and as long as He’s there, WE’LL BE THERE.

Thank you Lord for sending me My David, thank you for my trials and tribulations leading up to My David finding me, thank you for loving me when I wasn’t acting very lovable, thank you for teaching me my worth in you so I can be of some worth to my child and my husband to be, please teach me your ways so that I may learn how to be a Kingdom Wife and mother to my Kingdom Husband and daughter, show me how to love them unconditionally as you have with me all my life, teach me patience, understanding when it’s needed and LOVE when it’s desired. Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself, thank you for your grace and mercy when I fall short, thank you for my child, friends, and family, most of all, thank you for Jesus who gave His life that I might have life WITH MY DAVID!!

Ladies, stay faithful in the Lord if you’re looking for a husband, I did by wearing a ring I purchased for myself on my left hand calling Jesus my husband until He sent my real husband to me. I lived as though I was already married although I had no prospects at the time. It took years but it was worth the wait, I’M AN EXTREMELY BLESSED WOMAN OF GOD. Thank you Jesus we love you and welcome you into our hearts, lives, and marriage. Pray for us my peeps and we will you as long as we have breathe to do it.

Let the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord my strength and my redeemer. BE BLESSED ALL DAY EVERYDAY MY PEEPS

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