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My David and I have been keeping a watchful eye on Butcher the last 3 or 4 days, we’ve gone through a range of emotions I haven’t felt since my daughter was born 4 months early and almost died so it’s been tough for us but especially for My David. He’s been worrying himself sick, his stomach is tied up in knots, and he has a headache. He’s been crying off and on concerned for Butcher and wandering whether or not he’ll need to put him to sleep. Butcher is still not eating but he’s drinking fluids we give him via syringe and he’s been keeping in down instead of vomiting it back up like he’d been doing previously.

I was sitting in my recliner checking my emails when all of a sudden Butcher gets up from the floor and began walking toward the leather loveseat he enjoy sitting on then all of a sudden out of the blue, he jumps up onto the loveseat and falls asleep. He laid there for an hour before he climbed down slowly back onto the floor. Once he was on the floor I grabbed my anointing oil from the mirror, dabbed my finger in it and laid my hands on Butcher praying for the Lord to heal Butcher from whatever was ailing him. I placed my hand on his stomach/abdomen area, his back, legs, and top of his head praying and speaking healing over him in Jesus’ name. I began thanking God for healing Butcher because I learned that when you pray it’s okay to ask God for something but you must also thank Him in advance for answering it and leave it at that so I did that very thing and left him alone after ending his prayer.

A few minutes passed I was cooking supper when suddenly I see Butcher getting up off the floor and began walking into the kitchen where I was watching him from my breakfast nook. I called David from the other room where he saw Butcher walking towards the water bowl and he got so excited I was happy for him. Butcher walked outside to use the bathroom but changed his mind when he heard  thunder and lightning and walked back into the house. He’s a little groggy from the pain pills but he’s able to walk on his own. He hasn’t been walking since Sunday, he’s been laying around sleeping off and on and not eating, when David would try to feed him he would turn his head away refusing to eat but today he’s taking everything he’s given and has only thrown up twice, he’s now standing in front of me as I’m typing these words waiting for me to GIVE HIM LOVE like he always does when I’m in my recliner, GOD IS GOOD, I HAVE FAITH BUTCHER WILL BE BETTER SOON, PRAYER WORKS, AND GOD IS FAITHFUL!!

Thank God I was hesitant about putting him down, we will take him back to his regular Vet to see if they see what the other Vet saw on Tuesday. It’s weird because I just took Butcher to his regular Vet in late June, we had blood work done and a complete physical too and they gave him a clean bill of health, heart, lungs, and all so it’s strange that he would get to this point in such a short time. The Vet the other day said his heart and lungs are in excellent condition so I’m quite confused as to how we got to this point. Anyways, we’re gonna continue to monitor him and if he begins acting that way again we will take him to his regular Vet to see what’s going on.

He’s looking around at everyone lying at my feet and watching every move David makes, he’s acting like himself again I’m so relieved and happy for both he and My David, maybe now he can stop working MY RESERVE NERVE worrying over our puppy. The bible says ” you desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You have not because you ask not. James 4:2 so I asked the Lord to heal Butcher and make him better and so far he’s acting like the Butcher of old and He heard my cry and answered my prayer,,,,.BUTCHER’S PRAYER!! Let the words of my mouth and the meditation in my heart be acceptable in Thy sight oh Lord my strength and my redeemer and thank you for answering BUTCHER’S PRAYER AMEN

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