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My daughter looked just like this baby once she got out of the hospital it reminds me of the reasons I chose not to abort her. The first of many reasons is in the book of Exodus 20:13 says” thou shalt not kill.” We cannot kill someone out of anger, malice or CONVENIENCE, because God’s looking at the heart of the offender at that time, so when someone is killed from self defense, God doesn’t see malice in that situation and you’re forgiven immediately. If you murder someone with malice you can be forgiven too but YOU MUST ASK FOR THE FORGIVENESS from God and He will forgive you from that point forward.

Proverbs 6:16 states “These six things the Lord hates, Yes seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD (abortion, human sacrifice are examples of this verse), A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.” As a Christian I couldn’t play God and take a life He blessed me with, women are aborting their children out of SELFISHNESS (IT’S ALL ABOUT ME AND MY BODY, AND GOALS IN LIFE I PLAN TO ACCHIEVE) and CONVENIENCE (OH IT’S NOT THE RIGHT TIME FOR ME TO BE TIED DOWN WITH A KID, I’M YOUNG, I GOT GOALS IN LIFE) these are the types of statements the girls I knew had before their abortions and just as it did back then and in today’s times, it’s an EXCUSE and MURDER IN GOD’S EYES and there is no way I would kill my baby no matter what the circumstance.

When my father was molesting me at the age of 15, I was scared of becoming pregnant with my own CHILD/SIBLING during every encounter because he never used protection while having FULL BLOWN SEX with me, the thought of aborting my baby came to mind once during the very first encounter but I quickly dismissed it and never allowed it to appear again, looking back I know deep in my heart that the Lord closed up my womb so that I wouldn’t get pregnant and I THANK GOD HE DID!! I was a preemie just like my daughter, I almost died and remained in the hospital for a couple months before I was released. My daughter was in the hospital for 5 months before she went home and from the day I was born my mother told me that God has a purpose for me, a plan for my life that only I can fulfill as He orders my steps on a predestined path known to He and He alone.

It meant so much to me to know God thinks of me in such an amazing way that I consider it an honor to live this life (the good and bad of it) in order to accomplish the mission He has for me so WHO AM I TO PREVENT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING FROM LIVING FOR GOD just as I chose to? Once my daughter was born and I saw how hard she fought to survive all the illnesses attacking her 1 lb 8 oz body, I knew I made the right choice to keep her in spite of the current circumstances,( by this time her father had left me high and dry mid pregnancy). She was a baby but knew instinctively to FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT to stay alive and I know without a shadow of a doubt that if I hadn’t placed scripture around her entire bed, she wouldn’t have been healed by the blood of Jesus Christ. John 1:1 says “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Jesus Christ represents the word, John 1:14 says “And the Word (capital letter represents majesty and honor in God’s kingdom) became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

I can’t imagine how I’d feel missing my child’s first footsteps,  she speaking her first word, changing diapers, potty training, homework, etc. I can’t imagine not holding her when she cries, nursing her boo boos when she falls, buying cute little girl outfits on a whim, combing her hair, tucking her in at night and watching her sleep, these are the most precious moments we’ve had over the years and we continue to have them today. We go shopping, wear each other’s clothes, do each other’s hair, go to lunch, dance to old school hip hop I got her listening to since she was a baby (she loves lil Jon), and I really look forward to our conversations, she has no problems telling me anything, I made sure we establish that kind of relationship from the beginning.

She doesn’t tell me EVERYTHING, and then again I don’t expect her to, she’s comfortable with telling mama certain things than she is me and I’m totally okay with that because I was the same with her sisters growing up. My daughter and I are CLOSE in spite of her father’s attempts to divide us, I’m so proud of our relationship and the young lady she’s becoming. I CAN’T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT HER and because of that there is no way I would abort her and miss all this. I pray for those who’ve had an abortion, I have no idea what it feels like, it couldn’t have been an easy decision for them to make, I just hate the long term mental repercussions they must experience after the fact. There is now a link to abortion and women getting breast cancer, a study came out in 2014 from Harvard linking women who had abortions to having contracted breast cancer in some instances, never mind the nightmares that will occur from the memories of the procedure, from what my friends said they think of their baby quite often over the years.

God has forgiven all those who have abortions just as He does any other sins we commit, I thank Him for my forgiveness, have ya’ll thanked Him lately yourselves? Thank you Lord for blessing me with my daughter and although I had her out of wedlock I know you can turn any bad situation around for MY GOOD so I pray we women seek your face concerning Your will for our lives and realize we are fearfully and wonderfully made in Your image, LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION, and Jesus loves us all in spite of our mistakes. Let us learn to value life the way You do, in Jesus name I pray, Amen

THESE ARE THE REASONS I CHOSE NOT TO ABORT MY CHILD, thank you Lord for the courage to keep my baby. Be blessed my peeps all day every day

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