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The last time we chatted, I was talking about my mom changing our holiday plans and how upset that made me, well, I did reach out to my mom but she hasn’t responded back to me as of today, I can’t say I’m surprised, she’s done this before so I’m use to it. I’m learning in my Christian walk that people have their individual issues they have to learn to deal with daily with help from family and God so my mom is no exception, it’s been over a week since I’ve talked to her I’m just giving her the space she needs to reflect on things and she’ll call me when she’s ready. My friend and I’ve been seeing pretty regular as of late (the one from previous posts), but since he’s returned from his holiday plans, our personalities have clashed and we’ve gotten into 2 arguments in the same amount of days and both were started from questions he’d ask my opinion about then once I say something he doesn’t want to hear or hurt his feelings then he’d get irate and begin yelling at the top of his lungs in order to get his point across.

I was sitting in my chair attempting to diffuse the situation by changing the subject but after three attempts and a couple unnecessary comments from my friend something in me just SNAPPED AND I WENT OFF ON HIM, NO I didn’t curse or anything like that but I did use some sarcastic words in order to shut him down so once he left I sat back down in my chair and I began to feel guilty about the way I behaved and the tone I used to get my point across, I KNEW IT WAS THE HOLY SPIRIT CONVICTING ME OF MY SIN IN THAT MOMENT so I texted my friend to apologize and beg his forgiveness and once he calmed down and began to reflect, he apologized to me so we accepted each other’s apologies, discussed where we went wrong and vowed not to EVER DO THAT AGAIN! Well, a whole 2 days have passed ( remember God always does things with me in 2s), and HERE WE GO, we are having yet another disagreement over a question he asked me and he not liking my response. As a Christian when I’m asked a personal question with biblical overtones to it we must respond with whatever the bible says about the issue whether the person gets angry or not or whether they receive what you’re saying or not, we must say something, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to tell someone about Jesus and His love for us through our trials and tribulations, after all that’s the reason why we were created by God to do that very thing.

Tonight my friend crossed a line he’s never crossed before, (LADIES, I KNOW WHAT YA’LL THINKIN’ (ANOTHER WOMAN), TRUSS, I’M THINKIN’ THE SAME THING but at this point in our relationship I’m not concerned about him being with another woman because God has plans of his own concerning he and I and our future together, the Lord has shown me in a vision that my friend is the man I will marry, God’s just answering my teenage prayer where I told God that I did not want to get a divorce once I get married because I come from a family of divorcees including my parents and I felt the affects of the divorce as a kid so I asked God to clean me and my future husband up before he brings us together because I’M NOT DIVORCING!! My friend hasn’t reached out to me since we spoke earlier and just like my mom, I’m giving him his space to think  and reflect on what I was saying. I was only answering a question as nicely as I could without offending anyone but I’M LEARNING NO MATTER HOW NICE YOU TRY TO BE IN GIVING ADVICE, IT ALWAYS END UP TURNING BAD.

I’m going to do some reflecting myself, I’m far from perfect and Lord knows I’m flawed just as much as the next guy but I want to be a better Christian by being a better person to my fellow man and woman no matter how long it takes. I will continue to pray for my mom, I miss talking to her and I will pray for my friend as well as myself I know God will work everything out for His good,,,,,, HE ALWAYS DOES!!!  BE BLESSED ALL DAY, EVERYDAY EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT A GOOD DAY

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